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The Mitch Jackson Podcast

Aug 4, 2022

We're interacting in new ways. Sometimes it's just with our voice on social audio. Other times it involves audio complimented by our Avatar and digital assets in the Metaverse.

In both circumstances, we only have a few seconds or minutes to attract attention and keep the conversation moving forward.

Communicate correctly, and the experience for the other person will feel like a fine dining adventure at their favorite restaurant with the meal ending with delicious ice cream, chocolate sauce, and a bright fresh red cherry on top. Go about things the wrong way, and for everyone involved, it'll feel like you just dumped your cheeseburger and fries into your lap while parked outside Mcdonald's in a noisy and dirty parking lot.

To help make everyone's communication dining experience one to remember, I'm honored to introduce you to my good friend, Chris Lema.

In addition to being a man of many hats–  seriously, this man sports more hats in more good ways than anyone I've ever met; he's also a communication expert, Chief Product Officer, product strategist, public speaker, and blogger. Chris is a WordPress and WooCommerce evangelist and the creator of CaboPress, an event that takes place in beautiful Cabo each year.

After watching Chris on stage at CEX earlier this year, it reminded me to share him with you. 




Connect with Chris Lema here and