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The Mitch Jackson Podcast

Nov 30, 2020

NFL players can be injured or have their career end with one hit. When this happens, what rights do they have? Are their contracts and wages covered and if so, for how long? How about short and long-term medical benefits?

If you’re playing for the Miami Dolphins and injured in a game against Rams in Los Angeles, can you bring a work comp claim in California or, are you required to bring your case in Florida?

Who decides your care and treatment? What if you disagree with the opinion of the work comp doctor? Can a team owner override a doctor’s recommendation or opinion?

What about brain injury (CTE) cases. Are these covered under existing NFL work comp plans?

Alabama work comp lawyer, Bernard Nomberg, answers these questions and more during this episode of the Mitch Jackson Podcast!

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See you at show time. Between now and then, make today your masterpiece!