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The Web3, AI and Metaverse Legal and Business Podcast

Dec 11, 2017

Samantha Tucker aka “Sammi” Tucker is a 2016 US Paralympic athlete who represented the United States in the Rio games. She’s also a proud United States Air Force Veteran who took up the sport of archery after a devastating motorcycle crash which resulted in Sammi undergoing multiple surgeries and losing her arm.

Sammi joins me today on the podcast to talk about many different exciting things. For example, we chat about her life challenges and how ending up at the bottom of a ditch changed her life for the better. Tapping into her expertise as a motivational speaker, resilient mindset expert, trainer, consultant, author and public speaking coach, Sammi also shared approaches and skills to help all of us shoot our life arrows straight and on target. And when those arrows fail to hit the targets we aim for, how to pick them up, reload and do it again until we get it right.

In addition to the above, Sammi also shared a project she’s excited about. It involves the Lakota Nations Historic Trauma Healing Team and what she and others are doing to provide the Lakota Nations with new skills allowing them to improve their lives.

I know you’re going to enjoy meeting this extraordinary human being. Please join me in welcoming Sammi Tucker to The Mitch Jackson Podcast!

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