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The Mitch Jackson Podcast

Jul 30, 2022

Tech OG lawyer and coder, Ira Rothken, answers your Web3 questions

00:00 Introductions

08:08: What's your definition of Web3?

09:46: What’s wrong, if anything, with decentralization? Can Web3 decentralize the Intenet?

11:00: What makes NFTs valuable? To stay clear of NFT scams, what should people pay attention to?

15:46: Do you know the US Copyright and Tradmark Office is doing a study to NFTS?

22:29: What can consumers do in Web3 to stay safe and have an enjoyable experience?

31:00 How to use NFTs and DAOs for non-profit and charity purposes.

37:50: Will DAO’s stand up in a court of law?

43:41: Are regulators ready for Web3 and the metaverse?

45:24: What recent Web3 news stories have surprised you?

51:25: What are you most excited about when it comes to Web3?

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